Creating value for healthcare consumers, enterprises, and communities. Bringing a global perspective, Nishan’s goal is to create the most effective healthcare economy in the US.


In 2003 Nishan worked at a large medical center in Southeastern US. He saw the good, bad, and ugly of American healthcare. Solving healthcare in America became his life-long goal. Yes, Nishan a glutton for punishment!

He co-founded Parigan. Clients included providers, medical device companies, health insurers, EHR vendors, and consumer health companies.

The goal of is to share what works and what does not. The target audience is high-performing healthcare innovators focused on triple bottom-line growth. Take it & run with it!

Nishan works with healthcare thought-leaders focused on triple bottom-line growth. He creates healthcare strategy, consensus, and technology.

Nishan’s home base is Asheville North Carolina. His drive is healthcare. His passion is his wife & three kids.

Nishan and his first daughter Jemma

Nishan and his daughter, Jemma

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